Information Technology


Information Technology Research Faculty is one of the active research faculties in ICT research institute, and is considered one of the most important governmental research institutions and a powerful advisory arm for the Ministry of ICT in the field of technology. The main activity axes of this research faculty are as follows:

Big data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Web processing & Cyber Linguistic, Quantum Computing, Block Chain, E-services, Platforms for Application Software Development, High-Speed Processing (HPC), Smart Government, Video/Audio Streaming on the network platform, Data Management, and other emerging technologies in the IT domain

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Conducting research projects at fundamental, strategic & applied levels within the scope of the core subjects of information technology, with particular emphasis on Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Linguistic, Multi-Media, IT Services, and IT Laboratory Services.


  • Providing consulting and technical services within the scope of the core subjects discussed above.
  • Providing laboratory services including type approval, testing and development of information technology services.