AI Labratories

Under Construction Laboratories

The AI-based product and service evaluation laboratories have been established at the Center for Innovation and Development of AI in ICT Research Institute. Their main focus is planning, executing the evaluating and providing quality assurance certification for AI products and services.

The comprehensive laboratory, through specialized laboratories in various domains, evaluates and examines products and services.


Laboratory mission

· Providing comprehensive and reliable evaluation services for artificial intelligence products and services

o By guaranteeing safety, effectiveness and compliance with the national goals and priorities of artificial intelligence in Iran

· Comparing and benchmarking more effective artificial intelligence systems:

o By independent and objective evaluation of products using specialized expertise and tools for developers.

o By evaluating the performance and efficiency of products based on standards.

· Helping development and standards for AI products and services to increase public trust and confidence in AI technology, working closely with regulators and policymakers.

Specialized laboratories

Specialized laboratories for the development and evaluation of artificial intelligence products and services include:

  • Machine vision and image processing laboratory 
  • Text and natural language processing laboratory
  • Speech and Audio processing laboratory
  • Biometrics laboratory
  • Data processing laboratory
  • Cognitive science laboratory

Scope of activity



Areas of application

Health, Security, Agriculture & Livestock, Energy

Mining, Environment, Architecture & Urban Planning, Economy, Manufacturing, Education,

Financial Markets, Logistics & Transportation, Space Exploration & Astronomy, Gaming & Entertainment, Media, Management & Marketing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Art, Governance and Administration, Sports, Tourism, Social Sciences, Law

Vision and purpose

  • Achieving national leadership in developing and evaluating artificial intelligence products and services.
  • Achieving the goals outlined in the artificial intelligence roadmap in Iran by aligning the laboratory services with national goals and priorities
  • Achieving the provision of specialized evaluation services according to the needs of different sectors and industries in Iran.
  • Achieving trust and confidence in AI among businesses, consumers and policy makers
  • Achieving the highest possible quality and safety standards for artificial intelligence products and services
  • Helping businesses and organizations across sectors to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations and processes.


Future directions

  • Expanding the scope of testing and evaluation to new artificial intelligence products and services
  • Partnering with industry and academia to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Using emerging technologies, such as blockchain and the Internet of Things, to improve data security and privacy 
  • Increasing the capabilities of the laboratory through professional development and continuous education
  • Providing advice to empower other companies
  • Development of certification for emerging technologies