ICT Security


Communication and Information Technology Security Research faculty is one of the active research faculties in the ICT Research Institute, which is considered one of the oldest governmental research institutions in the field of FAVA and the thinking brain and the powerful consulting body of Ministry of ICT. The main areas of activity of this faculty are: compilation of strategic documents in the field of Afta, social cultural maintenance using smart systems, security of emerging technologies (FAB, 5G, IoT, Big Data,...), security assessment in the field of IT/OT, block chain security and cryptocurrencies, cyber criminology, security of cloud computing and cloud services, security of vital infrastructures, passive defense and cyber defense, intelligent threat analysis and analysis, quantum and post-quantum cryptography.

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  • Studying on cyberspace security, threats and all types of vulnerabilities
  • Providing technical services and consultation in the fields of security for the Ministry of ICT and its affiliated organizations
  • Executing basic, strategic, and applied ICT Security R&D projects
  • Developing tools, applications and services in the field of ICT security
  • Assessing, monitoring & testing security in web applications, security information & event management (SIEM) and security appliances


  • Research in the field of the latest technologies and security services of the information exchange space (AFTA)
  • Compiling and presenting all kinds of macro systems related to the field of Fata to the competent authorities of the country
  • Development of the national capacities needed by AFTA, especially in the field of human resources and help to improve the scientific level of the country in the production of AFTA knowledge and technologies
  • Helping to produce the key systems needed by the country and transfer the technical knowledge of the field
  • Providing expert and macro consultations to governmental and executive bodies, especially the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology