Digital Transformation Skills Training Center

Digital Transformation Skills Training Center


  • Empowering and skills development of ICT department employees
  • Leading, monitoring, planning, and managing skill-oriented trainings in the field of digital transformation
  • Evaluation and promotion of technical skills and professional competence of human resources
  • Planning, needs assessment and management of specialized training in the field of digital transformation
  • Futures research, development of indicators and market analysis in line with the development of digital transformation skills
  • Constructive interaction with knowledge-based institutions to facilitate the promotion of soft and hard skills in the field of digital transformation and contingent team building
  • Educational and applied support in the field of native software and skills development
  • Taking advantage of university capacities, elites and research centers in the field of digital transformation and digital economy training


  • Facilitating, guiding and entrepreneurship in the field of digital transformation, especially in new technologies based on future studies and trend analysis.
  • Creating content based on market research and providing skill-oriented and specialized training in interaction with knowledge cores, industry and university elites.
  • Interaction with academic centers and promotion of cooperation with national and international scientific institutions and exchange of knowledge and experience in demanding and opportunity-creating fields.
  • Expert analysis of the current and future pillars of the digital economy in the country and the training of instructors and experts according to the identified skill and technical requirements.
  • Short term trainings and seminars



According to Iran ICT ecosystem indicators as regards academic knowledge application in the labor market and state of the education and higher education system in providing the industry skill requirements, adopting approaches to fill the gap between the requirements of ICT industry to the applied science and academic and classroom training is necessary. In this regard, the digital transformation skills training center aims at empowering human resources through the promotion of digital transformation skills and followings:

  • Promoting the economic-social authority of the country in the field of ICT through identifying and promoting digital transformation skills.
  • Contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of the country's education and higher education system in the development of knowledge and skills.
  • Realization of constructive relationship between industry and university
  • Creating a suitable platform for improving professional skills in the ICT sector, especially in the field of digital transformation skills.

Facilitating entrepreneurship and completing the production cycle in the country based on industry needs assessment.