Data Processing and Analysis Systems Research Group Main Activities

  • Consulting, R&D, and academic activities on data relevant fields
  • Focusing on the organizational data Relevant fields, including data processing, data analysis, data management, management dashboard, data-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) and key quality indicators (KQIs), as well as data Governance
  • Focusing on a various type of data, including audio, video, multimedia networking and streaming, text, structured/unstructured data, map and location-based data, human computer interaction (HCI), biometrics, and bioinformatics, augmented/ virtual reality, and Metaverse
  • Focusing on network data monitoring and analysis, related KPIs and KQIs, and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • R&D in data driven multidisciplinary areas including computational social science, social networks, banking, power grid, . . .
  • R&D in data science, data mining, artificial intelligence, big data, . . .