Communications Technology (CT) Research Faculty

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This division promotes the development and deployment of advanced communication technologies, through the conduct of leading edge R&D on complex systems relevant.


  • Executing basic, strategic, and applied R&D projects in order to gain expertise and achieve mastery in emerging communication technologies, including IoT, SDN, and 5G wireless networks and quantum communication
  • Collaborating with top national and overseas universities and other research institutes on mutually beneficial studies as well as interacting closely with world standardization bodies and forums
  • Drawing up roadmaps and supervising implementation of CT projects
  • Transferring technical knowledge to the CT- based industry, as well as following up on latest advances and trends in CT domain


  • Providing consulting services in the fields of fixed and mobile networks as well as in IP-based systems to the Ministry of ICT and its affiliates
  • Providing advisory support to the private sector, aiming to capture and disseminate emerging technologies
  • Research and compilation of communication infrastructure reference plan