ITRC At a Glance

ICT Research Institute (formerly, Iran Telecommunications Research Center (ITRC)) was established in 1970 under the auspices of the University of Tehran and undertook theoretical studies on radio transmission in collaboration with the Japanese NTT company. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Center changed its status and became a telecom research entity affiliated to the Ministry of ICT, acting as its main research arm. Fifty one years since its inception, and having accumulated over four decades of experience, the Institute is now in the forefront of research and development in the field of Information and Communications Technologies, supported by well-versed workforce.

Complementing its human resources, is the availability of advanced research facilities as well as dedicated laboratories which are necessary for conducting advanced studies. The Institute has two key responsibilities:

• Playing a prominent role in promoting ICT nationwide as well as customizing and channelizing advanced information technology at industry level

• Functioning as the main consultant to the Ministry of ICT, as it is respected as the country's dominant research entity in this arena

The most effective imaginable role for the research institute is to drive research and innovation in the field of communication and information technology, based on which it is expected that the research institute will mobilize the sector based on knowledge and research capacities in the field of technology and innovation as an entity that moves the industry and information and communication technology businesses, as well.


  • Vision:
    • The Leader of Research and Innovation in the Country's ICT Ecosystem


  • Missions:
    • Providing professional consultation to the country's ICT ecosystem
    • Improving digital skills and enhancing the knowledge network
    • Monitoring, foresight and responsible research
    • Innovation enabling, technology development and commercialization management