Strategic Studies and Digital Economics Center


Policy making and planning in the field of ICT requires the formation of a context that can provide specialized fields for representing, directing, regulating, targeting, monitoring and evaluating the results of development programs, plans and policies in the field of ICT in different economic, social and cultural dimensions. In this regard, it is necessary to make maximum use of the existing knowledge capacities, networking and interaction with experts and thinkers in the strategic areas of ICT in the country.


The Center for Strategic Studies and Digital Economy, with the approach of providing research-based strategic and macro consulting to policy-making institutions in this field, especially the "Ministry of Information and Communications Technology", through development of interactions between scientific and research centers, knowledge-based companies and sectoral and cross-sectoral policy-making institutions has been established at national and international levels.

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The Center for Strategic Studies and Digital Economy, in line with its missions in areas such as: regulation, development of digital economy, research policy and strategic planning, will use the capacity of thinkers and experts in various specialized fields in the form of permanent specialized working groups. Case consultations will also be provided by this center to other sections of the ICT Research Institute.



  • Coordination and synergy of strategic master plans and comprehensive organizational, sectoral and cross-sectoral plans of ICT.
  • Dynamic evaluation and monitoring of ICT development programs and policies.
  • Innovative and intelligent planning and management of market development and prioritized technological services in the field of ICT.
  • Prioritization of ICT research and technological development.
  • Developing regulatory transformation models in the fields of ICT and digital economy.
  • Integrating the ICT roadmap of emerging technologies.
  • Developing interactions between research / academic centers and policy-making institutions in the form of an integrated network.
  • Development and promotion of tools and methods for regulating and organizing the digital ecosystem.
  • Monitoring international developments in the field of ICT and utilizing superior experiences.
  • Policy research and identification of technology development for Digital transformation
  • Development and promotion of a responsible research and innovation approach in the field of ICT.
  • Provision and mapping of the economic and social development status of areas with ICT.