Optical Communications Research Group Main Activities

  • Study New Technologies, Produce Action Plan for Customizing and Implementing these Technologies in National Scale
  • Design, Manufacture and Develop Optical Transmission and Optical Access Systems, Design and Implement Related Software Tools
  • Observing Technologies in the Field of:
  • Optical Transmission Networks such as POTN, ROADM, PTN, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-TP
  • Provision of sufficient Control plan: ASON, GMPLS & intelligent SDN (T-SDN)
  • Optical Access Networks: EPON, GPON…
  • IOT Architecture’s
  • Define Technical Requirements and Provide Consultancy Services for implementing Optical Transmission and Access networks
  • Localization of technologies, Transfer of Technical Knowledge and Education
  • Setting Up and Equipping High Quality Optical Transmission and Optical Access Laboratories
  • Fundamental Research on Optical Quantum Communication, Acquiring the Technical Knowledge of applied quantum communications
  • Future Research and Foresight in Optical Networks.