IP-based Network Equipment Lab

IP-based Network Equipment Lab

The wired/fixed communication group provides the technical and theoretical leadership and support for reference laboratory in the field of IP-based networks. The testing criteria and test routines of this lab are developed according to the appropriate ITU-T and IETF standards.

The primary goal of introducing of this lab is to act as a governmental regulatory type approval and certification lab. Furthermore it is intended to provide the required facilities for private sector companies and/or academic researchers to conduct their R&D projects at ITRC.

Currently, IP-based network lab is completely established and provides services to the intended customers. The IP-based network lab, majorly deals with the network edge and access devices. Based on developing program, it is planned to develop required testing routines and equipment for network core devices.

The IP-based network lab, is a reference laboratory which provides type approval services as well as conducting and hosting research projects. The type approval service is provided along with the necessary conformance, performance and functionality testing routines and services.

This lab majorly provides testing services on the following devices and technologies:

  • IP-PBX systems
  • Gateways
  • IP phones
  • IP network devices
  • VOIP
  • NGN