Optical Transmission System lab

Optical Transmission System lab


The Reference laboratory of optical transmission systems has been constructed by relying on more than 20 years of experience in optical communication industry and having professional expert and modern measurement equipment. It has also ability to perform optical communication equipment tests according to regional, national and international standards.

This laboratory equipped with full test and measurement equipment for optical system and network, 800 Km SMF&NZDSF optical fibers. This laboratory is a sufficient platform for deploying telecom network up to 10 NE and measure, specifications assessment, performance, compatibility for following optical systems and networks:

  • SDH&NG-SDH Optical Systems and Networks (Up to 10 Gbps).
  • CWDM and DWDM Optical Systems and Network (Up to100 Gbps)
  • OTN Systems (ODU0/ODU1/ODU2/ODU3/ODU4).
  • Service Ethernet (1GE/10GE/100GE)


Related Standards:

  • ITU: International Telecommunication Union,
  • IEC: International Electro technical Commission,
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE),


Recent activities:

Test of more than 500 different models of optical  systems.