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Project Details

  • Category: CT Faculty
  • Date Added: 12/19/2016

Project Info

Name: Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Mega Project

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging networking paradigm which breaks the vertical integration between management plane, control plane and traffic plane in traditional data and communications networks.

Via SDN concept, the dependency of processing and routing to the vendor equipment is eliminated, which leads to more ease of reconfiguration, implementation, and software upgrade for SDN nodes to offer new services.

Consequently, SDN makes the new switching architecture more convenient, cost effective and agile to support future wireless network services via simplified network management structure. SDN is a complementary technology to many innovative IT and CT networks such as 4G/5G mobile networks, cloud services, IoT and Big Data.


Though SDN is still an evolving technology, it is fast changing the world's perception of modern switching landscape. In line with this trend, we focus our research to get comprehensive insight into this context and employ our resources most effectively to develop in-house SDN solutions inorder to achieve self-reliance and competency for the country.


  • To explore the impact of and the right strategy for SDN , gain insight into the intricacies of this advent technology and to acquire complete up to date knowledge in order to develop the most appropriate roadmap for gradual transformation into this environment.
  • To collaborate closely with relevant global forums, undertake joint research works with the technical universities (both national and international)
  • Ultimately, to customize and support piecemeal implementation of the SDN platform , overseen by the ICT Ministry, thus to generate job opportunities and wealth through motivating participation of knowledge based companies & high tech national searches and tapping the IT industry 

Main Goals

The following sub-projects propositions have been drawn to meet the objectives of the national SDN  tasks:

  • Design & Implementation of  a Low/Medium Capacity SDN Switch Prototype Based on FPGA
  •  Design & Implementation of Low/Medium Capacity SDN Switch Prototype Based on Appliance
  •  Upgrading Transmission Equipment by Supporting Open-Flow Protocol
  •  Implementing Network Monitoring System Based on Tap Aggregation
  •  Design of Cloud Network Infrastructure Based on SDN
  •  Implementing an IP Switch & vEPC Prototype
  • Equipping & Commissioning of SDN Lab






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