• Development & localization of  security assessment tools
  • Participation in evaluation & analysis of the trend of Information and Communication Technology in Iran
  • Establishing & Equipping security assessment Laboratory

Accomplished Projects

  • Establishing  a center for preventing ICT incidents in eight universities
  • ‍Developing of a system for evaluation & validation of cyber-security service suppliers and products
  • Developing strategies for improving the establishment of Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Studying the key elements of digital forensics and writing draft version of collecting and admissibility of digital evidence regulation
  • Designing & implementating an information security management system in Telecommunication Company of Khorasan Razavi Province
  • Providing  spam laws and its legal aspects for legal entities in the ICT environment
  • Drafting of legislation to protect civil and national rights related to Internet at the international level

Ongoing Projects

  • Providing  an operational package for security assessment of industrial control systems infrastructure
  • Establishing & Equipping a  security assessment laboratory for web application systems
  • Establishing & Equipping a Design Security Assessment Laboratory for Industrial control system
  • Developing technical conditions, requirements & regulations as well as necessary frameworks for Licensing Management security service providers (MSSP)
  • Providing requirements for security assessment of industrial control systems infrastructure guide