Doing research with the aim of developing systems, services & tools for assuring security in communication infrastructures & networks.

Accomplished Projects

  • Design & deployment of a Security Operations Center (SOC) (gateway/enterprise)
  • Design &implementation of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)
  • Risk evaluation of 3G networks
  • Identification of requirements and features of forensic systems in communication networks
  • Design of SOC Architecture
  • Designing Architecture and preparing required RFPs for projects on NGN security
  • Development of security threat management systems
  • Development of national standards in the field of ICT security

Ongoing Projects

  • Implementation of a data/knowledge base of attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Design of architecture for an information sharing and analysis center (ISAC)
  • Establishing &Equipping  SOC laboratory
  • Design, installation of a SOC on cloud datacenters in ITRC
  • Design an architecture for security of national information network in large scale