Doing research with the aim of developing systems, services and tools for assuring security of information & systems.

Accomplished Projects

  • Design & implementation of a host-based web-application intrusion prevention system
  • Defining confidentiality and digital signature coordinating rules as well as supporting national cryptography in the country
  • Providing a roadmap for the development of security science and technologies based on future studies
  • Steganography detection in internet connections
  • Designing curriculum & educational contents in a cyber security program
  • Providing electronic mail system security assessment guidelines
  • Identify, classification, prioritizing, review and providing native models of information and systems security standards
  • Developing guidelines and procedures for ensuring security of usage of information systems
  • Developing technical standards & regulations of cryptography and watermarking for those using public communications networks

Ongoing Projects

  • Providing the roadmap for securing the native search engine
  • Providing security requirements on smartphones (users, developers, app-stores)
  • Identifying IOT (Internet of Things) security challenges
  • Providing the requirements of Identity management systems security
  • Providing the requirements of mobile applications security