Main Activities

  • Monitoring  new technologies in infrastructure software fields
  • Determining models and frameworks of success commercialization in the software industry
  • Determining models and frameworks for  providing enterprise software
  • Determining framework, models and architecture for designing, developing, testing and maintaining of software
  • Developing infrastructure software, middleware, and common & basic applications
  • Developing interfaces for application programming, tools  and environment of  programming support

Group Major Technical and scientific achievements

1. Several public releases of cloud solutions (IaaS ISOs)

  • Reviewing and reporting  main IaaS products and services
  • Releasing preconfigured and automated two nods architect ISO; main focus on computing as a service
  • Releasing preconfigured and automated three nods architect ISO; main focus on network as a service, SDN
  • Releasing preconfigured and automated three nods architect ISO; main focus on storage as a service, Ceph
  • Releasing several cloud ready gust OS base on Xamin, Redhat, Windows, Ubunto, Debian, Suse, Centos
  • Providing csloud ready continuous integration production line
  • Developing a library  for cloud IaaS system which provide REST APIs to connect to IaaS system

2. XaaS cloud computing service

  •   A completely native technology
  •   Geographical distribution across multiple Data Centers
  •   Operational cloud computing services
  •   Appropriate services for big data analytics and startup projects

Accomplished Projects

  • Establishing Research Laboratory of Xamin open source platform
  • Developing and implementing infrastructure as a service  in ITRC data center
  • Analyzing the situation  of domestic open source software industry

Current Projects

  • Development of service of “” in provincial data centers 
  • Development of browser functions

Ongoing Proposals

  • Setting  up cloud infrastructure of search engine plan
  • Feasibility and experimental setup of IoT platform on cloud infrastructure
  • Setting up public services of software development cloud platform with focus on API
  • Providing master plan of cloud computing