Main Activities

  • Multimedia content analysis, processing, recognition  and retrieval
  • Multimedia content coding, indexing and representation
  • Multimedia content streaming and distribution on network 
  • Multimedia visualization, graphics and animation
  • Developing network based multimedia services

Accomplished Projects

  • Design & Development of an Iris recognition system
  • Feasibility study of internet filtering and products evaluation
  • Regulatory approach of CRA for OTT and CDN services
  • Developing bandwidth usage optimization strategies for Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC) of Iran

Current Projects

  • Designing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC) of Iran
  • Developing a web/mobile/desktop GIS service and MAP search engine
  • Investigating Applications, business models and the role of MVNOs’ in the IoT
  • Investigating  IoT laboratories and related software, hardware and  standards.