Main Activities:

  • Design, implementation & development of different components, systems and protocols.
  • Study & analysis of fundamental and new communication technologies .
  • Offering strategic plans, roadmaps and executive programs for fixed communications.

Accomplished Projects:

  • Supervising projects on IP/MPLS core networks
  • Strategy Planning of TIC switching platform
  • Technical and legal feasibility survey of segregating domestic internet traffic from International Internet traffic
  • Design & implementation of monitoring and management software for corporate IP networks
  • Design & implementation of IP-PBX system and IP & video phone
  • Analysis of new communication technologies with the aim of directing the IoT based projects
  • Design of building broadband data network (OMID network)
  • Design of a model for bandwidth sharing in data networks
  • Analysis of communication technologies of Internet of things to Identify  the orientation of objects
  • Designing  pattern of bandwidth allocation & sharing in data networks
  • Designing broadband data network and traffic exchange (IP/MPLS2-IXP)
  • Providing strategies for TIC next generation switch network

Ongoing Projects:

  • Analysis & developing IPv4 to IPv6 migration plan and supervision of related projects.
  • Providing a roadmap and executive program for implementing SDN