Main Activities:

  • Research on OSS/BSS, CRM, Billing and QoS/SLA management in IoT, SDN and 5G
  • Research on big data, cloud computing and NFV applications in network management fields
  • Developing an Operation Support Systems (OSS) as well as  Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Assessing quality of service management & Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Design & implementation of network management systems as well as  management interfaces
  • Extracting indicators (KPIs) and implementing a management dashboard
  • Establishing and equipping network management lab

Accomplished Projects:

  • Feasibility study and conceptual design of an intelligent monitoring system for mobile operators
  • Extracting quality support indicators for information technology services and design of the related monitoring system
  • Extracting indicators and management dashboard creation for Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA)

Ongoing Projects:

  • Requirements analysis, design and implementation of a domestic web ranking and analyzing system
  • Design and implementation of integrated management dashboard for  control project, statistics and information of Ministry of ICT
  • Design & implementation of a cloud billing system
  • Design & implementation of network management systems for new networks (5G, SDN, IoT, etc.)
  • Design & implementation of OSS/BSS solutions using new technologies such as Big data, cloud computing and NFV