Communication Technologies

Vision & Mission

  • Transferring technical knowledge to industry, as well as monitoring trend of technology
  • Providing technical services and consultation in the fields of fixed, mobile, and IP-based systems as well as networks for the Ministry of ICT and its related divisions
  • Collaborating with national and international universities, research centers, standardization bodies and ICT vendors
  • Providing roadmaps as well as planning for the related projects in ICT domain
  • Executing basic, strategic, and applied R&D projects in CT technologies, e.g., IoT, SDN, and 4G/5G wireless networks
  • Supporting  private companies with the aim of consolidating the modern technologies

Current Projects

  • Design & Fabrication of the Control and Monitoring System for GEO Satellite
  • Design of Measuring Devices for Radio Field Intensity Radiation
  • Establishing & Equipping  New Mobile Technologies Research Lab
  • Establishing & Equipping IMS Core and Mobile new Technologies Elements Type Approval Lab
  • Supervising projects on Network Infrastructure Development (TADBIR Project)
  • Establishing & Equipping Optical Transmission Type Approval Lab (up to 100 Gbps)
  • Establishing & Equipping Optical Access Networks Type Approval Laboratory 
  • Design and implementation of integrated management dashboard for control project, statistics and information of Ministry of ICT 
  • Requirement analysis, design and implementation of National System for ranking and monitoring websites in Iran


  • T.A. Labs in CT  Department
    • Microwave Radio
    • Optical  Transmission  System
    • ADSL
  • CT  Research Labs
    • Network  Management
    • Optical System (R&D)
    • IP- Network
    • Satellite Communication