Vision & Mission

  • Fulfilling the role of high consultant to the Ministry of ICT in different fields of IT
  • Promoting domestic IT market and industry by providing technical supports
  • Executing R&D projects with respect to IT-based technologies
  • Devising and preparing national standards as well as type-approving of equipment and services in the area of  IT 

Main Activities

  • Development of IT Applications & Services (including e-Learning, e-Government , e-Health, and e-Commerce)
  • Organizational Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networking
  • Development of Organizational Architectures and ISs
  • Development of Organizational Interoperability Frameworks
  • IT Governance and Service Management
  • Development of Frameworks for IT Applications & Services
  • E-Services Assessment
  • Development of e-Services Operators
  • Commercialization and Investment of e-Services
  • Development of Frameworks for e-Content Processing and Management