Presentation of a domestic product for measuring the intensity of radio radiation was welcomed by the participants of the "Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields" training course.

According to the public relations of the ICT Research Institute, This ITU Academy Joint Training Course on "Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields" was held in collaboration with the Malaysia University of Technology (UTM), the ICT Research Institute, and the Communications Regulatory Authority of IRAN.

In this joint training course, Malaysia University of Technology (UTM) presented the theoretical foundations and some practical experiences of the collected measurements. Some topics such as the principles of electromagnetic radiation sources, standards and measurement experiences, and the issue of raising public awareness about the concerns of the radiation effects on health were presented by experts from Malaysia University of Technology.

Due to the successful experience of the ICT research institute in the field of domestication of radio radiation intensity measurement system and gaining technical knowledge in this field, the sessions presented by the ICT research institute were welcomed by the organizers and participants of this training course.

According to Engineer Reza Bahri, director of Fixed and mobile radio communications department, in the negotiations held during the joint training course with the managers and professors of Malaysia University of Technology, the necessary preparations are made for joint research activities in the field of Radio radiation, which will be pursued and implemented in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that from ICT research institute Engineers Masoud Arezoomand and Reza Bahri as well as Dr. Narges Nouri, faculty members of the Fixed and Mobile Radio Communication department, presented the experiences of the ICT Research Institute in the field of Radio radiation level measurement system. From the Communications Regulatory Authority of IRAN, Dr. Azimfard also provided content in this joint training course.