The 10th International Telecommunication Symposium (IST2020) started today, December 15th, with 5 online workshops.

According to the public relations of the ICT Research Institute, on the first day of this symposium, 5 workshops entitled "Intelligent reflective levels in sixth generation (6G) wireless networks)", "Improving the user experience by content distribution networks ­(CDN)", "Improving Health Business Models using Human Internet (IOH) ", "Dynamic Processes in Social Media, Manipulating Beliefs, Emotional Analysis and Identifying and Controlling Fake News" as well as "Using the Organizational Blockchain in the field of communication technology applications " was held virtually.

It is worth mentioning that 35 workshops had been sent to the secretariat of the symposium, which 5 mentioned workshops were selected by the scientific committee of the symposium and were held one day before the start of the IST2020 symposium.