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Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...

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Project Details

  • Category: IT Faculty
  • Date Added: 01/23/2017

Project Info

Name: Domestic (Local)/ Native Search Engine ("Jooyeshgar")

Mega Project


Jooyeshgar, which refers to a domestic search engine, is a5-year national strategic project, launched in 2014 under the auspices of the Ministry of ICT. Jooyeshgar’s aim is providing high quality local search, as well as fast and accurate information retrieval services in Farsi Web Pages. Its latest progress is the development of a comprehensive roadmap including our approach to identify priorities, resources, various services requirements, scope, targets, features constraints and management, as well as security issues.

Focus has also been on breaking up the Mega project into several projects, addressing all aspects of the roadmap.

These projects will be outsourced to competent parties  and their execution will be supervised by ITRC's Jooyeshgar’s research team.




To develop a robust and state-of-the-art domestic search engine capable of retrieving  information for users of Farsi web pages with high efficiency




This is a twofold perspective; strategic and quantitative, respectively, listed as:

  • Ensuring security of the search engine & safeguarding  user privacy to comply with reach national interests in cyberspace
  • Developing local content  & distributing value-based culture in cyberspace
  • Acquiring & disseminating  the latest search engine knowledge & technology
  • Developing the necessary infrastructure for generating & delivering search services
  • Developing  & updating services based on  customers’ requirements
  • Achieving & maintaining a competitive position & financial promotion in domestic engines
  • Improving  Iran's standing on the global cyberspace rankings 
  1. Obtaining 35% of market share (35% of daily visit share)
  2. Developing diversity of search & secondary services (operating 30 main & subsidiary search servers)
  3. Gaining top position on domestic search engine rankings & outperforming non-domestic counterparts based on the users’ satisfaction criteria:
  • Service Accuracy: Superior to non-domestic competitors (NDCG measure)
  • Coverage of Farsi pages: At least 2 billion pages
  •  Accessibility: No disconnection
  • Reliability: Having back-up website
  •  Number of Simultaneous Users: An average of 1000 users per second in all services
  •  Service Support: 7d×24h Support
  • Domestic Content Accessibility: Circulation of domestic contents by 80%.


Main Goals


Major projects that are currently being given focus include:

  • Providing  Hardware Infrastructure  & Bandwidth at the  Main & Supportive Data Centers
  • Developing Content & Process Infrastructure for the Farsi Language
  • Developing Service-Based Platforms for Search Engine & Related Services
  • Developing Value-Added Services for Search Engines
  • Supporting  Private Sectors Search Engine Start-ups






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