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4G radio access

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Project Details

  • Category: CT Faculty
  • Date Added: 01/23/2017

Project Info

High Capacity Radio Transmission & 4G Radio Access Points

Mega Project

Wireless data transmission and access networks are rapidly in growth to provide the requirements of data hungry services. Therefore it is essential to prepare a road map for R&D and manufacturing of two main components in this field:

  • Microwave & mm-Wave Radio Transmission Links
  • Wireless access base stations or BTS (currently eNodeB for 4G)

Microwave as well as mm-Wave radio systems are leading contenders for transmission links over fourth generation of wireless networks (4G), e.g., backhaul and backbone links, due to ease of implementation, reducing CAPEX and OPEX for wireless operators, and providing of high capacity point-to-point transmission links.

Given its extensive deployment globally, we are undertaking feasibility studies aimed at exploiting these properties for 4G radio access points based on three specific types of radio solutions:

  • High-Capacity Long Range Radio (low frequency)
  • High-Capacity Short Range Radio (high frequency)
  • Short-Range Low Latency Radio (high frequency)

On the other hand different types of base stations are developed to support 4G access point, e.g., eNodeB (traditional BTS), C-RAN, MicroBTS, FemtoBTS, and OpenBTS.

Our research group's overriding focus is to get a hold on the latest microwave transmission and 4G access point technology trends, and to acquire knowledge on the design of prototype models based on latest standards, development of tools to predict system performance and for monitoring as well as to customize the technologies, and to transfer the know-how to the relevant industry, in subsequent stages.


Responding effectively to the growing desire for innovative, customized and reliable 4G mobile access using microwave and mm-wave radio platforms.


  • Developing action plans & strategies to  gain insight  and overcome the challenges posed by this advanced technology
  • Setting out project charter to identify constraints and priorities
  • Customizing 4G radio access points to meet the country's current and future requirements
  • Supporting & sharing the hands-on experience with knowledge-based companies
  • Creating employment opportunities in this field by involving relevant industries
  • Identifying the requirements and developing RFP for the related  projects

Main Goals

  • High Capacity Radio
  • Radio Transmission Antenna
  • Traditional & C-RAN Base Stations
  • Small-Cell BTS
  • Base Station Antenna
  • LTE CPE Modem
  • Planning, Optimization & Network Management System Software
  • Test-Bed for SDR & MIMO Radio Access





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