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Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...

About ICT Research Institude

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As the Director of ICT Research Institute, I welcome you to our new website

Equipped with world- class research facilities and motivated manpower,  drawn from a  pool of scholars well -versed in a variety of engineering disciplines,  and with accumulated experience spanning  over four decades in its credentials, the Institute has long consolidated its position as an unique and competent national research entity and continues to remain in the forefront of advances in ICT and cyberspace activities.

Since inception, it has spearheaded a drive on many  fundamental studies in modern communications technologies and successfully implemented large-scale innovative projects over the years, aimed at meeting the ICT Ministry's key requirements, notably during constraint times of the 1980s imposed war .

By undertaking joint projects with distinct universities and embracing close collaboration with state and private sector, we are currently focusing our collective efforts towards future-oriented ICT infrastructure and knowledge-based society. Whilst continually exploring new frontiers, the institute is also taking steps on disseminating IT and transferring the know-how  to  industry as well as  providing the Ministry with consultative services on emerging standards, security policies,  etc.

From international perspective, and  in line with the new world trend in information technologies, the Institute, under the auspicious of the Ministry ( and the guidance of the supreme leader) takes into its stride the evolving challenges posed by  global transition into the era of cyberspace services and fosters regional partnership on joint studies to more fully exploit the emerging landscape.

The launch of our renewed website is aimed at reflecting,  among other things ,the on-going  activities, so please take time to browse through the pages which is designed to bring a wealth of information.

I am greatly honored to lead this eminent Institute and committed to discharging my obligations with vigor towards our nation's information and communications technology community which is aspiring to excel in state-of-the- art ICT and cyberspace endeavors.


ICT Research Institute (formerly, Iran Telecommunications Research Center (ITRC)) was established in 1970 under the auspices of the University of Tehran and undertook theoretical studies on radio transmission in collaboration with the Japanese NTT company. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Center changed its status and became a telecom research entity affiliated to the Ministry of ICT, acting as its main research arm. Forty eight years since its inception, and having accumulated over four decades of experience, the Institute is now in the forefront of research and development in the field of Information and Communications Technologies, supported by well-versed workforce.

Complementing its human resources, is the availability of advanced research facilities as well as dedicated laboratories which are necessary for conducting advanced studies. The Institute has two key responsibilities:

• Playing a prominent role in promoting ICT nationwide as well as customizing and channelizing advanced information technology at industry level

• Functioning as the main consultant to the Ministry of ICT, as it is respected as the country's dominant research entity in this arena


The Institute main activities include

  • Transferring technical knowledge to industry
  • Monitoring trend of technology
  • Collaborating with national & international ICT players


ICT Research Institute Research Faculties

  • Communications Technology
  • Information Technology
  • ICT Security
  • ICT Policy & Strategic Studies


About us

ICT Research Institute or IRAN Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) is the Iranian most experienced research entity in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with more than 46 years of scientific experience in research.

Contact us

Tel:+98 21 88630077

Fax:+98 21 88009885

Website: https://en.itrc.ac.ir/

Email: info@itrc.ac.ir

Address: End of North Karegar,

ICT Research Institute,

Tehran 1439955471, Iran

P. O. Box: 14155-3961