The meeting between the two had been organized by International Co-Operation Department of ICT Research Institute.
According to the report of Public Relations Office of ICT Research Institute, this visit was done with the purpose of exchanging opinions and investigating practical solutions for launching possible collaboration between the two institutes.
According to this report, within this visit, first giving an introduction on ICT Research Institute's organizational structure, then its capabilities with regard to different projects as well as current activities in the field of ICT were presented.

After that, Dr.young b. choi (Vice president of ETRI) said: "considering ICT Research Institute's interest in IOT and IOE's projects, our institute is as well ready to have cooperation for such a purpose".
He also expressed his hope that the staff of ICT Research Institute can participate in ETRI's program of knowledge sharing (KSP) which has been particularly designed for promoting technical knowledge of the research in both countries.
It is to be noted that, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) is one of these advanced institutes which is active in the areas of ICT and convergent Technologies as well. This governmental institute has officially been established in 1976 and includes 3 research centers, 6 specialized laboratories, and more than 3000 researches in the field of ICT & the related areas.

At present, having  27 branches overseas. it has the highest rank among the ICT research centers all over the world.