Dr Khansari argues that IoT roadmap is a constituent of an ecosystem.

The Director of the ICT Institute believes that IoT strategy should not be seen as an (emerging) technology but rather as an element of an ecosystem comprising a community of universities,  markets and private sector , etc. as well as socio-cultural values, regulatory and rights factors, and achieving (or maintaining)  a balance between these competing challenges.

During an opening talk, given at a seminar held on Jan. the 28th, entitled "Solutions for Developing IOT in Iran", he told participants that: "during the past year serious activities on IoT road map for Iran have been conducted and this event provides a good opportunity to report latest progress and updates". He emphasized the Institute's position on this issue by saying that: " we do not intend to enter into (national) initiatives where they can be run by private sector and financed by capital investors", reiterating that: " our role will be solely in the provision of all necessary infrastructural supports and encouragement of non-governmental players, in order to expedite the pace of IOT development across the country".